Rick Feds

Rick Feds

Dave Manley, Michael Bowie

Thu · February 22, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 18 and over

Rick Feds
Rick Feds
Rick Feds aka Rihards Fedotovs is originally from a small town called Saldus where he discovered a
passion for sound at the age of 3 by making his own tapes of singing different pop songs. Growing up in a
musical family Rick had all the emotional support and accessability to a variety of music instruments. At
the age of 5 He starts taking singing lessons and at the age of 6 enters the musical school. After a few years
of studying as a voice major trades that with classical piano, but later the true calling- drums and classical
percussion, which elevates Ricks passion even more. It becomes clear that he wants to dedicate his whole
life to music and spends countless hours practicing, composing and jamming at the music school until the
guard asks him to leave. The talent for rhythm and melody keeps extending by Ricks exceptional work
ethic and the urge to always be the best which results in winning every contest he enters.
At the age of 13 the regional competition becomes too narrow and Rick moves to the capital to study
at Emila Darzina Music School, an institution for specially talented kids. Besides the classical music
studies, Rick quickly finds work as a session drummer and starts playing with famous Latvian bands as
Līvi, Aparāts, Cosmos, etc. At the age of 16 Feds becomes a professional musician, making his own living
and touring with european jazz artists like Ted Curson, Toivo Unt, Focan Trio, etc. After a few months of
studies at the Music Academy of Latvia discovers that classical music is no longer his passion and enters
the Music Conservatory in Enschede, Holland to study traditional jazz performance. However, that also
becomes too academic and Rick finds his way at the Rhytmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen,
Denmark which makes a serious impact in Feds technical abilities and creativity. At the second year of
studies Rick starts getting work as a session drummer and starts playing for well known artists like Marcus
Miller, Lelo Nika, Rocky Charles, to name a few. After graduation returns back to home country where he
establishes a jazz drums department at the Jazepa Vitola Music Academy of Latvia and becomes the
youngest lector in the history of the academy. Work in the Academy stops in a few months after receiving
the Fulbright scholarship to study jazz performance in the U.S.
The neo-soul, broken beat movement interests Rick the most and it is best represented in Philadelphia
which is the key factor of moving there. After one year of studying, observing the unknown and intense
practicing Rick finds work in the afro-american community and starts playing in gospel churches and
giging localy. Step by step takes Rick further until he starts working for the producer Doug Grigsby
(Michael Jackson, Teena Marie) which opens new doorways and network which results in playing with
artists like Cuba Gooding Sr., Betty Wright, John Swana, Joel Frahm, Rachel Claudio, to name a few.
However, Ricks visa extends quickly and after 3 years of practical experience he is forced to return back to
home country. Leaving all behind opens a darker chapter in Ricks emotional state and he no longer wants to
continue as a session musician and decides to place his own music as top priority, and starts experimenting
in electronic music performance. Collecting rare analog gear becomes one of Ricks passion and his studio
space grows into a museum which opens the possibility of free experimentation on a variety of instruments.
When Rick finds his hands on the ASRX-PRO Ensoniq Sampler he soon realises the power of expressing
rhythm, harmony and melody on a single device and finger-drumming becomes Ricks main focus. Feds
unique and articulated drumming style combined with the background of classical piano opens a new
chapter for finger-drumming and things start happening naturally. After a few months of posting video

content on social media Rick receives support from the electronic music organisation Ableton and
starts using the Ableton Push as the main device which opens the possibility for interactive audio/
visual performance.
Feds usage of the sampler stands out with the ability to perform multi layered music project
live and the same applies for the visuals since the same pads trigger audio and visual content at the
same time. This quite undiscovered way has created a new drive for Ricks development and he
constantly keeps making inventions of interactive art forms and growing his skillsets as a performer
and music producer. Currently Rick Feds is making content for Ableton, Arturia and Melodics and
is considered as one of the finest finger-drummers in the world today.
Dave Manley
Dave Manley
Guitarist, songwriter, producer, educator
Michael Bowie
Michael Bowie
American jazz bassist. Born October 3, 1961, in Camp Springs, Maryland.
Venue Information:
MilkBoy ArtHouse
7416 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD, 20740