Edjacated Phools, Fake Flowers Real Dirt, See Water, Never Ending Fall

Edjacated Phools, Fake Flowers Real Dirt, See Water, Never Ending Fall

Fake Flowers Real Dirt, See Water, Never Ending Fall

Thu · April 5, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

This event is 18 and over

Edjacated Phools
Edjacated Phools
The Edjacated Phools are a 6-piece fusion band based in Baltimore, MD. Comprised of Devin Barone (drums), Tyler Garrison (bass), Nick Hatzis, (vocals) Kyle Sappington (vocals), Logan Sappington (guitar, vocals), and Ben Yancheski (keys), they combine a unique blend of rock, reggae, hip-hop, ska and punk influences into a unique sound that is truly unlike any other band. Formed in 2014, the Edjacated Phools have been making noise on the east coast with their dynamic guitar playing, smooth basslines and booming vocals, complemented with melodic keyboards, intricate leads, intense drums and hip-hop icing to complete their powerful sound. In April 2016, the Edjacated Phools recorded and released their EP under legendary reggae producer Jim Fox (Inner Circle, Rebelution, SOJA, The Wailers, Don Carlos) at Lion and Fox Studios in College Park, MD.

The band played its first show in January of 2015, and since then have had the privilege of playing alongside some amazing bands, including: The Expendables, Big Something, Passafire, Roots Of Creation, Higher Education, Pasadena, Bumpin Uglies, Big Infinite, Stacked Like Pancakes, The Henchmen, Bencoolen, The Milestones, and Dale and the ZDubs. The band also recently had the honor of playing at the 35th Annual Artscape Festival in Baltimore, MD this past July, and also organized and curated the very first Hightopps Backstage Bash music festival in Baltimore County in September 2016.
Fake Flowers Real Dirt
Fake Flowers Real Dirt
In the steamy basement of an otherwise unremarkable house in Baltimore, "Fake Flowers Real Dirt" forges their mix of genres from the funk/dope characteristic (e.g. funk, hip-hop): driving skank reggae moves to frenetic breakbeat/jungle, joined together with a series of quick jazz changes. Simple melodic lines and hooks give way to solos, with space.

FFRD's efforts began when singer Billy D William marshaled the forces of an accomplished group of veterans from the DMV music scene. Their goal is nothing less than sonic nirvana - obtained through the melding of diverse musical traditions into a form greater than the sum of its parts (a form deserving a new name (and wikipedia page)).

Atop the groundwork carefully, yet ruthlessly laid down by drummer Matt Segal and bassist / sound-man extraordinaire Ethan Montgomery, Billy D William sings skyward with gospel soul, singer Maddy Waters adds delicious harmonies while increasing the band's class considerably, Dave Eynck invites listeners into his world with cerebral chord voicings and sound, turntablist ISAAC mashes and scratches (real) vinyl, Gene Chapman and Cullen Waller play searing and soaring horn lines - close your eyes and imagine Cannonball.... while Chris Zebal goes from classic hammond to buzzy west-coast style synth and wah filters. Brian Escavage provides percussion and extra drive to the deep rhythms - the icing on an already dope cake! The group embraces the style nouveau while never forgetting the trivial inequality: 10 seasoned players, still on their way 'round the block.

FFRD transcends superlatives; their awesomeness is matched only by their modesty. From the basement in a house in Baltimore, MD to your ears, "The flyest and the most, as real as non-fiction."
See Water
See Water
See Water is the love child of reggae and punk rock. This up-and-coming band from Charleston, SC will take your ears on a roller-coaster ride through laid-back jams and hard-hitting rock riffs. Their style is similar to that of a mosh-pit on the beach at sunset. If their music was a cocktail, it would be a long island iced tea; at first you think, “There’s no way you can mix all of that together,” but sure enough, you take a sip only to find that it’s delicious and intoxicating.

See Water has been proving themselves in all their unorthodox glory at The Music Farm and Charleston Pour House, and venues throughout the east coast and the USVI, while performing alongside acts such as Passafire, Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime, The Hip Abduction, Fear Nuttin Band, Sun-Dried Vibes, TreeHouse!, and Of Good Nature. See Water has released their debut EP, entitled 'Diluted Acoustica', and quickly began work on their next project. Their first full-length album 'Hit The Moon' is to be released February 2017 with the first single, 'Echo', leading the way.

"When you see a body of water, whether it's calm or violent, it makes you feel something, and that's what we're here to do."
Never Ending Fall
Never Ending Fall
It may seem in a brief glance that Never Ending Fall are a group of fresh upstarts, the newest in a long line of funky indie rockers that meld many styles of music into the familiar Chesapeake sound. These six aren't the next, they've been there all along, learning, studying and making music together since they were twelve years old. These kids are all grown up, and now it's time to Start Living.

Their musical evolution has been remarkable, a six piece dynamo radiating their unique collective energy creatively through their music. Undefined by convention, they make music that winds from grooving and layered indie-pop-rock tracks to funky, ska/punk and reggae infused jams, all of it utterly sing-able and dance-able. Fans of world and jam music will also find a lot to love in Never Ending Fall.

As they approach their twenties, Never Ending Fall are already on the cusp of releasing their second full-length album, which will have the fitting title, "Start Living", and is due for a late spring/early summer 2017 release. Their first album, self-titled, came out in 2015, and helped spring the band onto a much larger crowd and scene around the Mid Atlantic.

With nothing rushed, they grew up sharing an intense passion for music, learning together and approaching their craft with an earnestness not often seen in kids whostart bands. In their opportunities to play with other popular bands from the area who have been making things happen since Never Ending Fall formed, the members watched closely and learned the ropes, which is to say, how to be successful artists, love what they do and share that passion with the fans. They transcend the typical bandmate-bonds because together they are family, which is evident to anyone who sees them live and gets to know them.

In addition to their forthcoming new LP, Never Ending Fall will also be collecting footage for a very special project they are working on from now to the end of the road. Never before has a band shared the real life with fans like what Never Ending Fall has in store. Announcements on the project are due before summer is here.

Never Ending Fall won the 2015 Gorilla Music Baltimore Battle of the Bands, and they have played to major crowds at the Fillmore Silver Spring, Ram's Head Live, Main Street Music Fest, Ryleigh's Oyster Fest and Baltimore Soundstage.
Venue Information:
MilkBoy ArtHouse
7416 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD, 20740